The Half Human Theatre Company

Half Human Theatre was formed by the comedy musician Matthew Pullum. Matthew has worked as a musician and director with Moving Parts Theatre, Bash Street Theatre and Cornwall Theatre Company.

Current productions include the animated walkabout Sparky the robot and the giant Victorian robot Albot.  A new robot is currently in production and will be ready for touring in summer 2016.

Sparky the robot was born in 1996, the product of a second hand wheelchair, endless visits to the recycling centre and Matthew’s fascination with robotics, technology and entertainment.

From the early days Sparky has displayed a tendency to show off and upstage human beings with his ability to relate to his audience. Although remotely controlled he gives every impression of being a totally self aware cognitive being. As the years rolled by he learnt to dance and swivel from the waist, squirt water, nod his head, shake hands and climb steps. He also moved away from the more traditional robot garb and adorned himself in gold and blue glitter. At the same time he displayed a collectomanic obsession with LED lights in order to stand out in the crowd at night.

New technology has now given him a voice and he has his own Ipod with voice apps and music. It has also given him a digital control box enabling him to react like lightning to the reactions of the public.

His friendly personality means that the only children who cry at his performances are the ones who don’t want to see him going away in the van . Over the past two years he has explored a new career in education, giving visits to schools, inspiring children to make their own robots and taking on some challenging and hugely rewarding communication in a school for young people with behavioural problems. He has toured to Dubai, been impounded in China, done a stint as a Blue Peter presenter and visited hundreds of Street festivals throughout the UK and Europe.